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From Mia and Andrea


Dear Mirea’s fans,

What a journey it has been for us, Andrea and I, to finally launch our brand, Mirea Lingerie and Swimwear and share them with our incredible fans and friends. The concept of Mirea started in October 2010 (at that time the name Mirea hadn’t even existed), where Andrea and I caught up for a drink in one of Melbourne’s awesome lounge and we were just throwing ideas.

Andrea is a fanatic for everything about lingerie (especially she kept raving about Colombian lingerie for years and years) and had been longing to bring Colombian lingerie to Australia, not only to introduce the awesomeness of Colombian lingerie, but also because everytime she traveled to Colombia (and believe me – she travels a lot to South America), friends and colleagues asked her to bring some pieces/sets to here. I was quite excited with the idea too, as I had always had a secret passion for fashion. It couldn’t have been a more perfect combination! We screamed of joy and excitement that night!

By now, you would have probably guessed where the name comes from – if not – it’s short for Mia (my nickname) and Andrea :) , and we named it that way because our collections our presented from both of us especially to you.

We both traveled to Colombia in February 2011, to Medellin, the fashion capital of Colombia (and perhaps of South America) – especially for lingerie and swimwear. The quality of the materials are so fantastic and each of the lingerie made are carefully sewn giving an incredible detailing that I hadn’t been introduced to before. It’s amazing isn’t it, things that you don’t focus on before and now suddenly that you’re aware of it, you’ll look and expect for it everywhere…
After careful research and endless search, we finally found a manufacturer that’s willing to produce garments as we request them to be yeyyy.

The rest is just a beautiful history and here we are now – excited and ready to introduce our lingerie/swimwear labels to all of you ladies in Australia. Please check out our collections on this website: www.mirea.com.au, download our catalogue there and invite friends/colleagues to our site. We are also present on facebook: www.facebook.com/MireaIntimates, like our page and recommend us to your friends. By now, we know that we would not be able to do this without the supports of our friends and colleagues.

Explore our collection and experience a wonderful journey!

Take care for now and until the next one!

Mwwahhhh xx



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